If one believes in GOD, then one can argue that God created everything, the Matter, and if it exists, the Anti-Matter. Does Anti-Matter exist?  If it does not exist then God's purpose for creating the Matter could be wholly different, possibly purposeless.  If Anti-Matter does exist then it cannot be measured in anyway that matter is measured, it cannot occupy any space or time. If it does exist, it must be everywhere and nowhere, all-the-time and never. The only anti-matter that I have possible experience with is the Emotions or Feelings. One could argue that based on what our 5 senses are feeding it, our brain creates a chemical reaction that we call an emotion. But one could also make the argument that we feel first, the sixth sense that is also feeding our brain to cause the chemical that makes matter feel.  Does Love exists even if we don't? What about Hate, Fear, Envy, Greed, Happiness and Sadness? Is the common attribute to  every object in the Universe that it Needs and is Seeking Love? Isn't it  the lack of Love or abundance of Love that dictates the path in life?