There are only 2 things that you can control to the highest degree in your life. Your Body and your Mind, you have little or no control over everything else. Exercise is necessary to slow down decay in your Body and your Mind.  Every day your Body and Mind interact with Elements that are causing decay, do not let the day go by without exercising. Save the day by exercising your Body and your Mind or that day is Lost.

The exercise for the Body should include intensity that results in High Heart Rates and Controlled Rhythmic Breathing. Begin by performing Intense Exercises and immediately start Rhythmic Breathing and create a continuous tunnel of air in while tightening your core as you release the air. Control every inhale and every exhale. You can keep the physical intensity going as long as you can control your breathing.

The exercise for the Mind is Positivity. As soon as you feel negative towards someone or something detach yourself from that negativity. It is like going for a run in your mind. Sometimes life throws everything at you andto be positive will be like going for a marathon in your mind. By practicing Positivity every day you will be able to run that marathon when needed. And then when that negative feeling is gone you will realize that life is not so bad and what was trying to drag you down was not as bad as it seemed at that moment.