Could it be that the Sixth Sense is Feelings? After all dont we Feel just as we See, Hear, Taste, Touch and Smell? Our Brain is like a computer chip that processes what it receives from all input devices. We think there are only 5 for a human but there could be more! In a dictionary Love is defined as a chemical reaction that is caused by our Brain. Could it be that our brain causes the chemical reaction after we have felt Love? Then what in our body is receiving the emotions? Is it physical or something else? Perhaps it is the Heart that is not just a blood pumping organ but is also a receiver and transmitter of emotions. Or could it be our Will that makes the connection?  Is it by accident that we think of someone or something? Does our brain automatically go to a memory location that holds information on someone or something? Or is it because there is a connection by an emotion to someone or somethingthat directs our brain to  go there?